40 Clumsy Dogs

40. This dog refused to take a good picture of family.

39. This guy was removed from the baseball team immediately after this picture was taken.

38. This girl mistakenly thought this would be the best way to make it go home again.

37. This Champion.

36. This dog has gotten a little too curious.

35. An embarrassing situation.

34. This dog insisted on keeping eye contact every time he pooped this year.

33. This!

32. This strange dancer.

31. This husky who just wants you to see how your teeth are clean.

30. This guy never asks you what you do in your spare time.

29. This dog has forgotten how to catch a frisbee.

28. This dog still can’t understand the concept of “too big.

27. This guy ended up in the back seat of the wrong car.

26. This dog just wants to be a skater.

25. This guy doesn’t care if you think he is being rude or inconvenient.

24. This Chihuahua committed a huge mistake but is too proud to admit it.

Os 40 c

 “Human, put the camera down and help me...


23. This guy insisted on watching TV in that position even if it makes everyone uncomfortable.

22. This dog has no idea how he ended up here but he wants out.

21. This dog refused to enter the other door, embarrassing their children.

20. This dog has no notion of space” or size of the doorstep.

19. This dog is not at all shocked, she just has that face.

18. This guy tried to start a new trend, but it just didn’t happen.

17. This dog saw Gigli for the first time this year.

16. This guy was not invited to the pizza and keep staring at you every time you pick up a slice.

15. This dog was spotted trying to hitch a ride.

Este cão que foi flagrado tentando pegar uma carona.

14. The dog will take the training wheels when he’s ready, okay?

13. This is a planter box not glass.

12. This game of catch between father and son that went wrong.

10. This dog forgot what was real and what was fake.

9. This athlete looks promising.

8. This shaggy dog got a little too comfortable in a sweatshirt.

7. This awkward situation of hug, handshake or kiss on the cheek?.

6. This smart and funny dog knows how to troubleshoot.

5. This pug deeply regrets having let you convince him to do it.

4. This chick that got stuck in a bowl and couldn’t get out, sums up the reason dogs puppies are the best.

3. The adorable smile that melts hearts.

2. The first dog in the world to be confused with a snack.

1. Finally, this dog trying not to sneeze.

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